The Print Store Launch Pad

This 8-week program will guide you through the process of getting your photos ready, setting up an online print store, finding a printer and working out the logistics for shipping, packaging, creating mock ups, marketing and so much more. All content can be downloaded and you’re welcome to work through at your own pace!

Please note - There will be limited places available to ensure I can assist with any questions throughout the program so if this sounds like something you need to take the next step - sign up now!


  • 8 x weekly emails filled with information + worksheets

  • Course content will be available via an online learning platform

  • Downloadable workbooks + checklists

  • A step-by-step process to follow and implement

  • Support via a Facebook group to connect and ask questions

  • 1 x Print Store assessment (I’ll personally check your store and point out any things you may need to fix before launch) *Please note store assessments are only valid within 12 months of the program start date.


It’s your guide to setting up an online print store and selling your beautiful photos! From curating collections, print lab research, logistics and marketing through to site development, creating smooth sale processes, design + of course…launching your work out into the world!

Created due to numerous requests from my Creative Photography Course students, this program will allow photographers to take the next step and provide all the information necessary to launch a professional print store…even if you just want to generate a side income. A print store should feel like stepping into any type of store, you want to showcase your talents, your products and let the visuals take the customer on an experience into your creative vision. 

The program fee is $340AUD and you can register here.

8 Modules cover the following topics:  

Week 01 - Curation, Branding + Creative Ideas

  • Why sell prints?

  • Curating print collections

  • Creating a brand + concept ideas

Week 02 - Product Research, Logistics + Test Prints

  • Researching print labs, paper, print sizing and frame options

  • Logistics + Packaging

  • Drop-shipping

  • Ordering test prints

Week 03 - Pricing, Your Audience + Marketing #01

  • Who are your customers?

  • Creating a pricing structure + profit margins

  • Marketing Plan + Tips

Week 04 - Site Development + Store Planning

  • Breaking down the available site platforms + finding which suits you

  • Comparing features/layouts + assessing your requirements + budget

  • User experience + store plans

  • *Bonus - Selling via Third party sites like Etsy, Society6 + Picfair 

Week 05 - Catch up week +  Bonus Site Design Worksheet

  • Print store design worksheet + tips

Week 06 - Product Prep, Creating Mockups + Content

  • Refining the sales process (Checkout process, order notifications + mailing lists)

  • Creating mockups + visual content for your store + marketing

Week 07 - Launch Prep, The Sales Process + Marketing #02

  • Test sales and site checks (what to do + check before launch!)

  • Marketing 02: Building interest + a strategy for launching + beyond

Week 08 - Launching your Print Store…hooray!

  • The expected growing pains

  • How to get/increase print sales

  • Collaborations and Wholesale

(Please note - as we all lead busy lifestyles, I know it won’t be possible for everyone to follow this weekly structure and you’re welcome to work through the content at your own pace! I’ll still be there to support your print store launch whether it’s in Week 08 or 12 months away)


I wasn’t sure how to write that heading but I definitely don’t really consider myself a teacher, more so a photographer who has spent years navigating how to sell prints. From owning a photography gallery and print lab for six years in which I did the print preparation, lab + ink tank management, sales, marketing and product development myself, through to selling online via third party platforms and my own websites. I’ve jumped and shifted through various web development sites and have the knowledge to help you select what process suits best for your photography, your goals and your print store. 

I know where I’ve been stuck in the past and want this program to help you fast track through those tricky spots. The logistics, the pricing, the shipping…all the little nitty gritty bits that can all feel a bit too hard sometimes. 

Because there endless choices for website development, print labs and more, there will also be a private Facebook Group for the program so we can all chat, share what we’ve found throughout the research process and of course, support each other when the stores are launched! Whether you’re based in Australia, the UK, Europe, the US or beyond, there will be a print solution for you and I can’t wait to help you discover it.

Are you ready to start selling prints? I can’t wait to work with you and see that happen!