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If you’re seeking to find direction with your photography, are keen to learn some creative techniques, how to curate your work, find clients and hopefully one day sell prints or work in the industry, this is the course for you. 

Created by Lisa Michele Burns, an Australian professional photographer with 16+yrs in the industry and editor of The Wandering Lens, the leading publisher of travel and creative guides for photographers.

The possibilities within photography as a career or even a hobby are endless and exciting. With various genres, career paths and outlets for showcasing your work, now more than ever is the time to start working on developing a creative vision for your photography. 

With photography being a competitive industry, having the skills to develop a professional approach and a consistent, curated portfolio will put you so many steps closer to achieving your goals. 

This course will guide you through the steps required to define your vision and work towards improving your photography in order to work as a photographer.


- How to Curate + Assess your own Portfolio

- Creative Composition Techniques

- How to work with natural light and create consistent colour palettes

- Explore photography genres + job opportunities

- Editing tips for Lightroom + Photoshop

- Learn how to define your niche and develop a portfolio to get ready for finding and approaching clients!

The monthly workbooks will guide you towards creating a vision for your photography, a portfolio and developing confidence before approaching clients.

BONUS INCLUSION - Receive a personalised review of your photography including career guidance, suggestions and feedback during the first month of the course. This review is priced at $90 and will be sent directly to your inbox so you start the course with defined goals. The benefits of a portfolio review are endless and previous participants LOVE the feedback they receive to help with creative and professional direction!

LITTLE EXTRAS - You’ll be given a FREE copy of my eBook ‘SETTINGS: Camera Settings for Landscape Photography’ to use throughout the course and beyond. Also included is a little ‘Creative Check-up’ workbook filled with checklists, tips and planning tools to help you work towards your goals. 


Six month program | Self-paced learning  | Downloadable Workbooks

Designed to be as flexible or structured as you like, the course will take place over a six month period. You'll receive access to an online learning portal and on the first day of each month, there'll be a shiny new PDF Workbook waiting for you filled with knowledge and creative challenges to complete!

Rather than send everything at once, the course materials will be sent over six months to ensure you’ve got time to work through the workbooks and get the most out of them - it’s not about being an overnight success, it’s about creating longevity with your photography and within the industry. Those seeking a more direct approach without the six month time frame will soon be able to access the content as individual workbooks - stay tuned!

Time Commitment - 

The course materials provided are to be used as much or as little as you like. To complete the challenges 10-20 hours a month (including location shoots and editing) is recommended but depending on how quickly you capture and edit images, this could be less. Because the challenges/workbooks are all downloadable, there’s also no pressure to complete month one in the first month if you’re busy. It's all about flexible learning so if you’re a bit behind and want to download and look at everything later, even if that's months away, that’s totally fine too. 


What to expect when registering!


    Now more than ever it's crucial to stand out as a photographer and have your work visible as a representation of your creative vision and talent. This course guides you through the process of developing your creativity, improving your photography and working towards a career in the industry. Whether you need to improve your composition, want to learn how to approach clients or find consistency, this course covers it!


    Join in from anywhere in the world. You'll receive access to an online learning portal and once each workbook is released monthly, you can download it and work through at your own pace on any device! There are no tight deadlines, only fun challenges within the private Facebook group! The course content is yours to look back on whenever you need, even if you're keen to do a refresher in five years time!


    All course participants are invited to join a private Facebook Group where you can virtually mingle and chat with like-minded people! As your tutor, I'll be active within the group and will regularly post conversation prompts, share creative challenges and you're welcome to ask questions, request feedback and maybe even line up a photography adventure with someone nearby!

I’ve gained confidence in my work, so much so that I started to sell my prints.

Jenn Gold

"Lisa has really sparked my creativity and has guided me in developing my own way of looking through the lens. She’s helped me to create my own style, which is unique to me. As I’ve worked through her course I’ve developed it more and more and in my own photography community I’ve been able to make my work recognizable from the rest. I’ve gained confidence in my work, so much so that I started to sell my prints. It’s really been an incredible journey and I truly believe that Lisa’s workshop was the catalyst to get me going. Lisa has given me the tools and mentorship to take my photography to the next level. I would highly recommend any opportunity to shoot with or learn from her!"

"Lisa sparked a new creativity in us that we did not know we possessed"

Karin + Markus from @fotonomadencom

“We contacted Lisa because we were stuck in a rut and felt that our photos could use a boost in creativity and the certain wow factor. Lisa managed to always choose the perfect challenge at the right time for us. What we loved most about our coaching with Lisa was her motivating and inspiring can-do attitude. The calls were great, but what helped us the most was the detailed written feedback she gave us for our photos. Lisa sparked a new creativity in us that we did not know we possessed. We can honestly say it was the best investment we ever made for our photography and would love to do it again in the future.”


A look at the monthly topics and what we'll be focusing on as the course progresses towards improving your photography, developing a portfolio, finding your direction and exploring a career path in photography.

  • Month One - Curating Your Work | Brainstorming Creative Vision Ideas | Assessing Your Skills + Goals *This will set you up for the months ahead, allowing you to start with a clear understanding of your own work, what you need to improve on and goals for the end of the course.

  • Month Two - Composition | Creative Photography Techniques + Tips | Creative Challenges The aim this month is to put some habits in place and develop your creative mindset.

  • Month Three - Incorporating + Working with Light | Creating Consistent Colour Palettes + Style Getting your work to the point where it’s recognisable and cohesive as a portfolio

  • Month Four - Exploring genres such as minimalist landscapes, travel, portraits, aerials + underwater Opening up possibilities for your work and learning some techniques associated with each.a

  • Month Five - Editing and workflow, putting steps in place to ensure you’ve got the tools + knowledge to produce professional results for future clients or image collections.

  • Month Six: Finding clients, career paths + business plans. This won’t end abruptly as your photography will of course continue growing as your career progresses, instead, this final month will conclude with ways to approach finding work as a photographer and developing diverse income streams.

Are you ready to get serious about your photography?

This course is best suited to beginners and intermediate photographers looking to find direction and a consistent style within their work.

Course Creator + Photographer

Who are you learning from?

Photographer + Director of The Wandering Lens

Lisa Michele Burns

With 16+ years in the industry working as a professional photographer, this course has been developed based on my experiences across multiple genres and from leading photo tours and teaching photographers just like you. From working as a photojournalist with Lonely Planet to growing a successful landscape gallery and photo lab, partnering with global tourism brands, photographing marketing campaigns for international hotel chains and developing The Wandering Lens, I’ll be sharing my insights and tips with you, even a few mistakes I’ve made so you don’t have to! You'll find me on Instagram @the_wanderinglens too :)

Course FAQs

I'm just starting out, do I need more experience before joining?

By signing up to the course, you'll receive a copy of my eBook 'SETTINGS: Your Guide to Camera Settings for Landscape Photography' which shares information on ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and other basics to help you along the way. This course won't be spending a lot of time on the basic settings of photography and will instead focus on creative composition, creative techniques (simple and fun ones, not super technical) plus several steps for working towards developing a portfolio, website and career in the industry. I like to teach based on the idea that creativity is more relevant than technical ability as we can always find a way to capture the image or learn how to use our cameras but developing our creative vision and photographic eye is something that takes much longer. If you're just starting out, this course could be a great way to kick start your creative side and work towards developing your focus and style within a photographic genre.


Take your photography to the next level!

With so many opportunities to share our images online, the need to stand out is growing rapidly. No longer is it enough to take a beautiful photo, if you’re hoping to work in the industry it’s essential that you create a unique vision and defined portfolio. 

I want you to feel proud and have the confidence to share, sell or publish your photography!

Have you ever posted a photo on Instagram, been so excited for people to see it but had minimal engagement? Welcome to the club! We’ve all had moments of self-doubt, feeling like our work isn’t good enough but this course is about changing that. Building the creative skills so you KNOW your work is good enough!

This course is about creating a portfolio that showcases your photography, producing work that has a clear creative vision and defining where you fit in the industry. If you’re looking to learn the basics of how to take a photo, this course probably won’t be for you. However, if you are already taking photos, even if you’re just starting out, and want to work towards selling prints, producing more creative images and working as a photographer, sign on up!

I’m so excited to see your photography skills + goals unfold!

*All advice given is based on my personal experience in the industry (which you can read about here)  and you are to consider it’s relevance for your own situation. There is no guaranteed success upon completion of this program as it’s designed to offer guidance and creative suggestions for your photography and career, not a formal qualification.