In a world where content is all around us, a little creativity goes a long way.

If you’re seeking to find direction with your photography, want to learn some creative techniques, how to curate your work, find clients and hopefully one day sell prints or work in the industry, we've got the right courses for you! 


Join me for the 8-week course where I break down everything you need to know about working as a travel photographer, and get you ready to craft your first pitch and find work in the industry!



The signature program, 'The Creative Photography Course' is filled with six workbooks, each designed to provide you with the knowledge and creative challenges to push yourself and discover your true potential as a photographer. 

Registrations for The Creative Photography Course are OPEN for instant access here.


The Print Store Launch Pad is an 8-module program designed to guide participants through the process of setting up a store and selling prints online.



Define your creative vision + direction

Designed to be as flexible or structured as you like, the course will take place over a six month period. On the first day of each month, you’ll receive an email with a PDF Workbook, Creative Challenges + tips for social media and the development of a website/portfolio to work on. It’s not about being an overnight success, it’s about creating longevity with your photography.


Online learning, self-paced and supported by a private Facebook group. Six workbooks will guide you through as you focus on developing your creative vision and career direction whilst improving your photography! Take a peek at the course outline for The Creative Photography Course.

  • Month One - Curating Your Work | Brainstorming Creative Vision Ideas | Assessing Your Skills + Goals *This will set you up for the months ahead, allowing you to start with a clear understanding of your own work, what you need to improve on and goals for the end of the course.

  • Month Two - Composition | Creative Photography Techniques + Tips | Creative Challenges The aim this month is to put some habits in place and develop your creative mindset.

  • Month Three - Incorporating + Working with Light | Creating Consistent Colour Palettes + Style Getting your work to the point where it’s recognisable and cohesive as a portfolra

  • Month Four - Exploring genres such as minimalist landscapes, travel, portraits, aerials + underwater Opening up possibilities for your work and learning some techniques associated with each.

  • Month Five - Editing and workflow, putting steps in place to ensure you’ve got the tools + knowledge to produce professional results for future clients or image collectionsra

  • Month Six - Finding clients, career paths + business plans. This won’t end abruptly as your photography will of course continue growing as your career progresses, instead, this final month will conclude with ways to approach finding work as a photographer and developing diverse income streams.

  • You'll finish the course with a greater understanding of your own photographic eye, creative potential and will be on the way to carving your own path in the photography industry.


Lovely words from talented people...

I’ve gained confidence in my work, so much so that I started to sell my prints.

Jenn Gold

"Lisa has helped me to create my own style, which is unique to me. As I’ve worked through her course I’ve developed it more and more and in my own photography community I’ve been able to make my work recognizable from the rest. I’ve gained confidence in my work, so much so that I started to sell my prints. It’s really been an incredible journey and I truly believe that Lisa’s workshop was the catalyst to get me going."

"Lisa sparked a new creativity in us that we did not know we possessed."

Karin + Markus from @fotonomadencom

“We contacted Lisa because we were stuck in a rut and felt that our photos could use a boost in creativity and the certain wow factor. Lisa managed to always choose the perfect challenge at the right time for us. What we loved most about our coaching with Lisa was her motivating and inspiring can-do attitude. Lisa sparked a new creativity in us that we did not know we possessed. We can honestly say it was the best investment we ever made for our photography and would love to do it again in the future.”

"Her total lack of ego is so refreshing and she happily shares her successes and failures so that I am able to learn from them too."

Suzie Weiss

“Lisa now mentors me on my own little creative journey. She is happy to share all of her vast knowledge in her many areas of expertise and has guided me in my own projects with enthusiasm and encouragement. Her total lack of ego is so refreshing and she happily shares her successes and failures so that I am able to learn from them too. Whether you are an amateur or a professional or looking to transition and have your work seen or to be paid for it, working with Lisa is a great investment and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I can’t thank her enough for all she has shared with me and also for being too damn funny.”

"If you haven’t already, jump in with both feet.”

Roisin Armstrong - Mentoring Client

“I personally couldn’t recommend Lisa enough, if you’ve ever thought about getting a mentor, do it, you won’t regret it. Every interaction with Lisa I learn something new. It’s like she sends me little light bulb moments with every review. Not only that but now having something to work towards and someone holding me accountable, I’m out there shooting a whole lot more than I used to be which in turn brings me happiness. If you haven’t already, jump in with both feet.”